Chapter 1 Overview

The MatrixDS platform is a cloud-based workbench that integrates everything a data project needs in one location. Every project is built using a shared file system that has the ability store and safely persist any size of data in any format.

This enables reproducibility across the entire lifecycle from raw data acquisition to final presentation. It also lowers barriers to entry for new data analysts and scientists.

Everything is arranged using a collaborative environment. For productivity, projects spin up and mount analytics tools within the browser. Instead of needing the skills of a multi-stack developer the platform makes access to storage, code and analytic tools as easy as a few clicks.

Tools: We have several standard tools for you to use out of the box, including the ability to launch a custom docker container. We have included

  • R with RStudio
  • Python 3, Julia and R with Jupyterlab
  • Shiny
  • NGINX (simple web server)
  • Mongo DB
  • MySql DB
  • Postgre SQL DB
  • Any custom container on Docker Hub

Tool functionality: We have given you the ability to make your tools public, so if you create a great web or shiny app from your data project, no additional deployment needed, just set it to ‘public’ and send a link to your friends/users.

We have added your favorite libraries and packages preinstalled in R and Python, but you will have the ability to add whichever extra you would like. These packages persist even if you delete the tool. We also have the most common dependencies taken care of including Java, Open SSL, and others so any package that requires them will work correctly.

That’s all for now, but more coming soon as we continue to work to make this your perfect data workbench.