Chapter 8 Databases

Databases are there so that we can organize the data inside our projects in a simple way. Wether it is data that needs to be preped for analysis, ready to analysis or the output of analysis, you have your database of choice to store it all in there.

8.1 Creating a database

Creating a new database is simple. From the project view select the databases tab and click new database, a drop down list will appear. Select an option from the list, and a short description is displayed. Next click Create and the system will build a new database ready for your use.

8.2 Connecting to your new database

Only tools within your project will have access to the database. To connect, you’ll need the hostname, the username, and the password.

To find the hostname click on your new database from the database tab. The hostname will be shown in the details. If you didn’t change the default settings when you created the database the login details are as follows: MongoDB

No username or password is set, so do not add credentials to your Mongo connection string. MySQL

Just the root account password is setup by default:

  • Username: root
  • Password: matrix PostgreSQL

  • Username: matrix
  • Password: matrix

8.3 Advanced Use

You can enter your own command line options and environment variables when creating databases. More inforomation on the database containers can be found from these links: