Chapter 2 Projects

Projects are the backbone of the MatrixDS platform. Everything is aggregated and executed within the context of a project; code, data, tools, and jobs. After login, you will see all your projects, the ones that you own, and those which you have been invited to participate. Here you can see fast access tiles for your most active projects, complete with total storage, number of tools running and the timer on those tools. If you scroll down, we see a list of all projects that are available to this user.

You can create a new project by clicking the green + button. You will be prompted for two pieces of information, your new project a name and a description before you can save it.

You can start with a brand new project, or clone an existing project (one of your other projects). To do this navigate to an existing project and click the greenForklift button. Cloning copies all the files, code and data associated with another project and you don’t have to be the owner to do this.

Once you click save, we can take a look at the different components that are inside this project. The next chapters cover how to use.

  • Files
  • Tools
  • Jobs
  • Settings

The project Dashboard page shows all the code files that you can edit, How many favorites and forklifts. All currently running tools, data usage on the project and the ability to publish it to the community with a make project public toggle