Chapter 7 Version Control

MatrixDS runs git for you! This way you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your versions and dealing with merge conflicts.

The way it works is every 2 minutes the platform is checking for changes in your documents and when they are found it triggers a git commit event in the background without you having to initiate it.

7.1 The Easy Way

To get started, make some changes on a document and save them. Open the file view simple text editor, and you will see a tab on top of your file with every previously saved version.

7.2 The Advanced Access

Version control works through 2 hidden files that are part of every project .gitignore and .matrix. To turn it off, click on show hidden files, navigate to .matrix file and change “versioncontrol” : false.

If you only want to version control certain types of files, you can navigate to the .gitignore file and delete the type you don’t want version controlled or add one that isn’t there.